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A few words about our gear…

04.07.2017 nnn

In this note we decided to write a few words about our photo equipment, because many of our clients are interested in this topic.

We shoot with professional Canon equipment. All the equipment shown in the photo above is our own. We constantly monitor its technical condition and, if necessary, update it.

Unlike many other photographers, we never give the equipment for rent and don’t take anything ourselves, as the significant part of rented and used equipment has exhausted its resources. It is risky to rely on it in crucial moment. So, we prefer to be secured and focus on our artistic vision while working.

In general, currently, our equipment set meets our requirements and we believe that only human creates, not camera (technics).


P.S.: We decided to post also the images of our new working T-shirts , because quite likely that you’ll see us in them during the whole wedding day..:))