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Meet Albert & Melina

Albert & Melina are destination wedding photographers in love: with each other and with our profession. A husband and wife team, they bring their passion for life everywhere they go.
They’d like to tell you a little about how they became who they are and who they became together.
Melina attended the Art Academy of Yerevan in Armenia. She was pursuing her art as a fashion designer.
Albert Buniatyan graduated the Yerevan Northern Institute, the computer engineering faculty.
After a couple of years, they met each other and fell in love. Get married. And here starts their story about Photography. But let’s begin just from the roots.
Albert touched photography while still a teenager, when he was 12 years old, it was 1987. When his friends were playing football, Albert was locking up in a dark room and printing photos under the red light. He came back to professional photography in more мature age, being already a happy father of a family. Then he discovered the values that had dreamed all of his entire adult life.
Melina Poghosyan dreamed of being a fashion designer and works to reach her aim. She made collections, participated in fashion shows, worked with some shoe brands.
But their love to each other and the birth of daughter Stella inspires Melina to learn photography. She realized that photography is exactly what she wants to be occupied by the rest of the life.
And now Albert & Melina are passionate about their business, clients and colleagues. They’re very proud to be witnesses of a new love, new family creation… :)
True story-tellers at heart, their work has won them the love of their clients and many positive feedbacks. Enjoy their amazing wedding portfolio, follow their posts on FB, Instagram and Tweeter, and come back often for news!
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They would like to tell you about their mission, artistic vision and photographic style.

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WPJA member (Wedding Photo Journalist Association).

We’re now among the best twenty in the category «Mobile Devices», «Getting Down», «Creative Portrait of Bride» of WPJA photography competition in 2016, 2017 & 2018.