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Do you think a professional photographer works?

14.09.2015 nnn

On many family events that we shot we often heard the following words — «Thank you for your work, sit down and have a rest with us». Our reply often was — «Thank you very much, but we didn’t work, we just felt happy with you !» Most of the people wondered what do we mean by saying «didn’t work»?

For us, the concept of «work» is when someone usually performs the same routine work each day and at the end of the month expects to receive certain amount of money.

Of course, the photographer works too, uses expensive equipment, spends his precious time and takes money for his services. And if he just «works», he’ll never see and capture real emotions, loving eyes, tears of joy,  children’s genuineness, parent’s excitement..
All he would do will be soulless and boring shots.

So we want to give a little advice to our readers. To avoid disappointments in choosing a photographer, choose the one with whom you really want to share your happiness and emotional experience on your special day.

Albert Buniatyan & Melina Poghosyan