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Our mission

A message from Albert & Melina to You !

You know that feeling when you’re doing something to make someone else really happy? That’s the feeling we get when we photograph our couples.
When a bride tells us that she’s delighted to see the wedding photos, and we see tears of happiness on her eyes, that is just the best.
When all the guests come together to take photos with us, say thanks, and goodbye at the end of the wedding.
That moment is really stunning ! That’s the aim of our photography. To make people happy! :)
Our style is only selected and precious moments. The dynamics and verity present in our works. Usually we like to leave a gap of vagueness in a shot, which makes the viewer himself to do a logical conclusion of the shot (the plot).
We don’t want to just take your pictures. We want to create a true story of your happy memories that you and your loved ones will never forget. The story of one very special day, when there are small miracles. And each weeding story is unique!
And our passion is to be an attentive listener and observer. Try to dissolve in the surrounding magic and carefully watch every glance and emotion.
We call our style artistic wedding photojournalism. There are many couples who, like us, appreciate in wedding photos, especially, its content. Exactly for these couples we’re ready to be squeezed out like a lemon and do our best on their wedding day ! We will be just in time to catch the moment, which will become the past a second later. We love what we do and we do it just for You! :)

Best wishes to You,
Albert & Melina