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Dhani & Inggrid

Thank you for the best photos that you made for us. We really like all photos! You are very talented photographers. We love all your photos!

Tigran & Anastasia

A huge thank you for your WONDERFUL PHOTOS! For your work with all your heart!
After receiving our photos, we were very happy — that’s exactly what we wanted to get!
We showed our photos to our parents and friends for a thousand times already. And every time the emotions of our wedding day come alive.
It was very nice to be with you! We will definitely contact you again in the future!

Gabriel & Violeta

We were happy to find you ! We were looking for a photographer for a long time, because our future memories are so important for us ! As the photojournalistic style is more preferable for us, we chose you for your unique way of capturing the event genuine moments.. And we like your works very much ! You gave us the best result we could expect ! Now we have many beautiful moments of our best day and can show them to our future children. Thank you again !

Shahen & Svetlana

Big, big thank you ! I am at a loss for words to express our feelings, gratitude, joy…:) How great it is that, in one of the most important days of our lives next to us were you — Albert and Melina !!

Karen & Anna

You gave us these photos, which we dreamed of all their lives. Thank you very much!

Ashot & Arevik

Our wedding photos are unforgettable! We can say they are reflection of our happiness Dear Albert, You made our day!


Hovhannes & Sona

Excellent work ! We are proud to have you as our photographers ! Our wedding photographs are really brilliant ..:)

Tatev Hovhannisyan, model

Our cooperation with Melina was a discovery for me ! Every time working with various photographers I try to learn and find a person, that will have similar points of view, working style, reach a mutual understanding…

Besides being a talented photographer, Melina is an excellent person, has an interesting philosophy, approach to work.. During our teamwork we have become good friends, which helps us both to obtain a good result and get better photos…

I really wish you good luck, new better results, new interesting and expressive images !! Hope to take part in photo sessions further..:) Sincerely, your model Tatevik !

Arthur & Lianella

To be a good person in life — it’s great! But to be a professional with incredible life energy — a rare combination. Often, applying to other photographers, see dry execution of their work… After turning to Albert & Melina we got positive emotions, good memories and vivid impressions ! Albert and Melina, thank you very much for your work !”

Vahe & Anita

Thank you for your time and help in making Elena’s christening very special.
Most of all thank you for the beautiful photographs. You were able to capture the day for us in such a way we can remember and treasure the memory through your photographs forever.
We feel very fortunate to have been able to find you, meet you and to have gotten to know you both. Hope we will be able to meet you again, either in Yerevan or in London.

Gregoriy & Nastya

We are all very excited ! Images, colors, mood, everything!! You’re both super masters Hope to cooperate with you again. When our baby will born, we’ll come to Yerevan for a photo session again. Thank you very much for the photographs ! All the best, Gregoriy & Nastya..:)